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Welcome to WDMA Hallmark Certification For Air-Water-Structural Performance
The Window and Door Manufacturers Association (WDMA) sponsors the ANAB accredited Hallmark Certification Program. The Hallmark Program provides code officials, builders, architects and consumers with an industry wide recognized certification process and listing of products that have demonstrated compliance with referenced performance standards. The Hallmark program provides certification to air, water, structural and impact performance standards.

Administrative Management Systems, Inc. (AMS) provides the day to day administration of the Hallmark Program. In acting as a third party administrator, the integrity of the program in meeting national requirements is strengthened while bolstering the recognition of the Hallmark Program.

Parties seeking to attain WDMA Certification, are required to enter into an agreement with WDMA.  Before certification authorization, test reports are subject to technical review. Upon successful completion of the technical review process WDMA / AMS will authorize certification of products specified in the report, by releasing a WDMA Hallmark Certificate of Conformance and License (CCL).

Field auditors from AMS conduct semi-annual plant audits at each participating production facility. During each audit, certified fenestration products are compared against their test reports to ensure that the products being manufactured each day are built as they were tested and certified. Profiles and components are reviewed to ensure changes have not been made without authorization. Specific components are collected and sent to third party laboratories by AMS for testing to ensure each part of a Hallmark certified product is constructed as tested.

AMS’s professional staff is actively involved in the glass and fenestration industry, and they take great pride in providing participants of the WDMA’s Hallmark Program with up to date information on industry trends and issues.

For more information on how AMS can guide your company through the Hallmark Certification process, please give us a call at 315-646-2234, or e-mail WDMA@amscert.com
Partnership between WDMA & AMS

AMS’s partnership with the WDMA provides cost effective and efficient day to day administration of the WDMA Hallmark and WDMA/NFRC certification programs. WDMA staff and committee's sponsor and direct the certification program, thus allowing AMS to focus on the immediate day-to-day needs of program participants. Each organization provides specific expertise thus expanding the resources available to the mutual clients of WDMA and AMS.

Advantages of AMS

As a recognized leader in product certification in the glass and fenestration industry, AMS provides administrative and auditing services to the association sponsored product certification programs WDMA Hallmark, WDMA/NFRC, SGCC, IGCC/IGMA and NACC. By the associations using a common service provider, it allows AMS to act as a third party administrator and provide single contact coordination to the certification programs and the program participants.