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If you have questions not addressed in this FAQ, please feel free to contact us via email at WDMA@amscert.com

How does WDMA Hallmark provide guidance for interpretive issues?
AMS works with membership in processing questions of interpretations. Participants are encouraged to forward questions to AMS who then will present them generically to the Hallmark Certification Committee. Typically, guidance is provided during semi-annual technical meetings, but in cases where a decision is needed quickly, questions can be sent out via email and AMS will summarize and present a ruling back for a final vote. Guidance rulings are catalogued in the C.S. 3 document which can be found in the “members only” section of the AMS Website.

How many audits a year will be conducted at my facility and what should I expect?
Under the Hallmark Program, you can expect to see one of our auditors twice a year. Audits are conducted during two time periods; the “F” (first) and “L”  (last) audit, so the "L" audit would occur typically between July and December (the second or last audit period of that year). 

During an audit, your quality management system would be reviewed and records required per your system would be verified. An auditor would also verify against the drawings and test unit description of a valid test report that production units are being assembled as tested. Appropriate samples of wood treatment preservative, edge and finger glue or other components would be sampled. 

For your reference, the forms used by our auditors are available for review in the “members only” section of the website.

How long are my certifications valid?
Since January 1, 2015 any new testing and certifications are good for a period of 10 years from the test date. If during the certification period alterations are made to the product that may affect the performance of the product, AMS must be notified and a request for waiver of re-test submitted. AMS will review supporting data submitted and issue a ruling as to whether the change would require retesting or if the change (as supported by the data) is allowed under Hallmark guidelines.

Can I get an extension on the expiration date of one of my certified products?
Manufacturers are allowed one (1) ten month extension on any product line if they meet the following criteria: they must make the request prior to the original expiration date; testing on the expiring product must begin prior to the request and original expiration date; this is a one-time only extension. To make this request a manufacturer must submit the request in writing to AMS (email is acceptable and encouraged) stating the reason for the request and verifying that testing has begun. This request will be reviewed by staff at AMS and if acceptable, the request will be granted with an updated individual CCL provided to the manufacturer as proof of the extension.