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What is Hallmark Certification?


The Window and Door Manufacturers Association (WDMA) Sponsored Hallmark Certification Program is designed to provide code officials, builders, architects, specifiers and consumers with an easily recognizable means of identifying products that have been manufactured in accordance with the appropriate WDMA and other referenced performance standards. The WDMA Hallmark is considered a mark of excellence among architects, contractors and other specifiers and is accepted industry-wide. WDMA Standards are referenced by HUD/FHA in their Minimum Property Standards and by many other government agencies in their construction specifications. Any manufacturer who can demonstrate conformance to the WDMA standards is eligible to participate in the Hallmark Certification Program. Conformance is determined by in-plant inspection of the manufacturing facilities and by sampling and testing of products. The manufacturer is issued a Certification Conformance License (CCL) which includes the license and product line numbers. The WDMA Hallmark Certification Program is ongoing. Conformance of participating manufacturing plants is determined by periodic in-plant inspections by a third party administrator. The inspections include auditing manufacturer quality control procedures and processes, and a review to check that products are manufactured in accordance with the appropriate WDMA and other referenced performance standards. Periodic testing of representative product samples and components by a third party testing laboratory is also required. When all of the conditions are met, the licensee is authorized to use the WDMA Hallmark registered logo on the Certification Label as a means of identifying products that comply with all aspects of the applicable standards. WDMA itself does not certify individual product units; certification is on a per product line basis.

 The WDMA Hallmark Certification Program

Areas of Certification:

WD-016 WDMA Hallmark Referenced Standards List (476)   

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